The first social app that allows you to make vlogs

The first social app that allows you to make vlogs

by vloggy
Apr , 15

It is no longer a secret, over the past few years the video format as taking over the internet. The reason why video is now the format of choice for online content is its attractiveness. The fact that with the help of a smartphone anyone can create their own video content and share it with the world. This type of access revolutionised the way people communicate, inform or entertain themselves. But still the video editing world is at its premises.

Nowadays millions of people film themselves every day to either immortalise good moments or share their experiences in video. However, they do not have the reliable means to properly edit video from their smartphone. They will have to use a video editing software on their computer. When we know that half of the videos seen on the internet are shot with smartphone It is a shame to think that the same does not go for the editing process. Existing social media platforms do not allow users to edit a properly finished video footage especially if it lasted more than 30 seconds. It’s time for a change.

Simplify and socialize video production

Vloggy is a video only social media app that allows users to easily make video. Its goal is to help video amateurs, (vlogger) and each person who wish to share their daily life in a video

Each user can upload video footage (vlogs) from his/her smartphone and posted on his/her page. The app bets on the smartphone video format and user ability to create qualitative and interactive content. Each user can shoot, edit and publish up to 24-minute video thanks to the studio integrated in the app

An app for everyone

The app counts on powerful and high-quality camera integrated in modern-day smartphone to make the process of shooting, editing and publishing video easier. By merging all the steps in one app that bet on its social media aspect Vloggy meets a real need which is to facilitate the production of original videos

With  Vloggy you can shoot high quality video and save your rushes in a temporary library integrated in the app. This way users can record multiple videos and then edit their video footage with the help of our studio.

Edit your video footage, add text, effects, etc…

Several editing features are available to customize your video and add some interactive element to it (text, stickers, images).  The timeline can be easily manipulated so that you can make any changes that you want at any given time. Before publishing your video, you can edit your thumbnails and add a description to it then share it on your page. Once the video is published, it stays available on your page and is visible to all unless you want to make it private. It is possible to download the video or share it on others social media platform.

A social media app

Vloggy differentiate itself from its competitors thanks to its social media aspect which facilitate the discovery and exploration of videos about subjects we like. The browsing page promote new content creators, the most p

opular ones and allows you to watch the most recent content posted. This way users can rapidly gain visibility and grow their fan base.

Available on the App Store

While waiting for the android version, the app will launch its very first version only on App Store. There will be a lot of amazing features to come to better the user experience. 

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